Smart Money Rules

Help your banking customers set money aside and leverage their savings in ways that are important to them.

See how Meniga can help your digital bank

+ Reinforces positive financial habits

+ Seamlessly saves money for customers

Enable automated smart banking

Meniga Smart Money Rules helps your banking customers save money.

Automated rules seamlessly set money aside and enable customers to leverage their savings in many ways meaningful to them.

Banks employ this flexible automation engine to drive loyalty and engagement by allowing different customer segments to nurture their finances.

For Saving Rookies

Help banking customers that struggle with saving take their first steps to become habitual savers. Give them easy and fun ways to build financial security.

For Experienced Savers

Reinforce healthy financial habits. Help them leverage the money they have set aside, e.g., by supporting a good cause, automatically maintaining account balances or investing.

For Banks

Help customers accumulate their savings and to make a habit of it. Cross-sell products and drive engagement by nudging them to leverage their savings.

Smart Money Rules allows to build an exceptional
experience across the whole user journey

Designed for customers - Made for banks
Standalone product implementable on top of any PFM solution

+ State-of-the-art RESTful API to power digital channels of the bank
+ Flexible payment initiation integration

Cash-in on Open Banking
Combine Smart Money Rules with Open Banking Payment Initiation Services to enable customers to save with your bank using funds from their external bank accounts