5 reasons why you should choose Meniga as your innovation partner

In today’s competitive market, our industry-leading solutions can help you reach your business goals by attracting, retaining, and monetising customers like never before. Here’s how Meniga can supercharge your digital channels for the next generation of customer engagement.

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    We unlock new business outcomes

    To move the needle on core banking objectives—like higher retention and revenue—our solutions are tied to quantifiable business outcomes.

    We help our customers by co-creating robust business cases to address your unique business challenges. In the past we have helped customers generate new revenue streams, increase customer lifetime value, and improve ROI on digital investments.

    We ensure cost-effectiveness

    We operate a modern architecture which runs with a low infrastructure burden.

    Our technology agnostic platform

    • Doesn’t require costly transformation of your legacy hardware
    • Doesn’t tie you into expensive software licences
    • Our containerised micro-services and AI-led Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery optimises your total cost of ownership.

    We de-risk transformation

    Our modular solutions are easy to deploy and take the risk out of digital banking innovation.

    We offer a flexible SaaS or on-premise solution with low integration effort and out-of-the-box connectors into your technology stack.

    There’s no data system we haven’t seen and no challenge we can’t solve—no matter where you’re based, what language you speak, or which legacy systems you’re using today.

    We ensure speed to value

    Slash the time it takes to launch new solutions and to see value from your investments.

    Our real-time, event-driven architecture allows you to innovate at speed, internally or in cooperation with other fintech vendors.

    We can enable you to drive your initiatives far faster than before. With our nimble SaaS solutions, you can start engaging with your customers as soon as the data arrives.

    We accelerate digital banking innovation

    Our technology is proven at scale

    Our technology powers over 170 Financial Institutions all around the world - processing over 100M transactions in real-time daily.

    Critical themes in digital banking

    We have a unique portfolio of solutions addressing topics such as sustainability, open banking, financial wellness, and gamification.

    Diverse skillset of expertise

    To ensure the effectiveness of our solutions, we have industry experts specialising in fields such as UX, Consumer Psychology and Data Science.

    Million digital banking users supported by Meniga

    Billion transactions processed a year

    Our client base spans 30 countries around the globe

    Whether you’re interested in:

    1. driving engagement through gamified savings
    2. encouraging sustainable lifestyles through carbon footprint tracking
    3. hyper-personalised product recommendations
    4. orchestrating the flow of personal finance data in the fintech ecosystem

    Our micro-services ecosystem unlocks a treasure chest of functionality.

    We pride ourselves of a huge variety of solutions and services that customers will love at your fingertips.

    Our Solutions

    Stand out in the market!

    Now’s the time to unleash limitless possibilities for customer engagement.

    Find out how we can help you drive digital banking transformation that delivers on what really matters

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